This Year In Drama

How successful do you think you have been this year at drama?

I think I was quite successful in drama this year because I managed to apply what I learnt throughout the process. I think I’ve managed to take more risks, and step out of my comfort zone. In one of the summatives, I played the character of a witch. I made my voice high pitched so that it didn’t sound like me, and I could play my character better.

Use a metaphor for describing your own process. Where were you at the start and where are you now?

My process in drama is a seed. At the start I didn’t know the skills and techniques and how to apply them when performing, but now, I understand them, and out of all my performances I feel like I’ve been getting better and better each time.

What is your biggest strength about you as a drama student?

I think my biggest strength is being able to make myself get into character because whenever I get a role, I try to change my voice or try to look different to make the audience know I’m a different character, and I’m not myself.

What is the biggest thing you want to work on for next year?

I think I the biggest thing I would want to work on for next year is being more involved in class discussions, and also to give more ideas whenever we are in groups, so they can listen to my input and know how I feel about the decisions we made.

Who is someone in the group you admire and why?

I really admire Hayley Ma because compared to the beginning of the year, she has taken more risks, such as changing her voice when playing a character.

Drama Performance

Recently, we did our drama summative. We got split into groups of 5 and had to act out a Shakespearean play. There was MacBeth, Caesar, and Romeo and Juliet. Our group got MacBeth. In my group there is Monica, Suzanna, Ananya, and Foster. Monica, Suzanna and I were the 3 witches and we made our voice really high pitched to remain in character. Foster was MacBeth, and Ananya was Banquo. I think this performance went well because we did what we were supposed to, and remained in character.

Here is a video of our performance:

Drama Criteria A Reflection

When we first started drama, we had to create a poor, adequate, and excellent freeze frame and describe why you would put it in that category. I thought I did quite well because I used drama vocabulary, and had a good reason why I put each freeze frame in the specific category.

Here is my Criteria A Freeze Frame Storyboard

Drama Summative Reflection

For our summative in drama, we had to do a roleplay from Shakespeare. My group and I got MacBeth. I thought we did really well and put the feedback Mrs. Pierce gave us into consideration.

I think the skill that was the most important when performing was staying in character because if you stay in character, it shows you are not distracted by your surroundings and are focused on what you are doing. For example, my character was a witch, so I had to keep my voice quite high pitched and not laugh when I see anyone around me doing something funny. If I did, I wouldn’t be keeping the seriousness in my voice. I think the hardest skill was using the 4P’s because my pitch had to be really high, and I had to keep it that way to have a witch character. I also found it hard to choose the power in my voice and how much I should use, and when I should use it, but in the end, I used the most power on the parts I want to emphasize to make it creepy, and I think I accomplished that.

Drama techniques help the audience understand Shakespearean themes because we can use roleplay to act out what happened. We can also use a tableau to emphasize a big moment. For example, when the capulets and montagues fight. To end the big scene, you can freeze to make the audience think, and to show you’re marking the moment.