I have always had a love for helping people around me, and always look for opportunities to make others happy. My willingness to show respect, support, compassion, and empathy towards those around me is reflected in the citizenship awards I have received.

The citizenship award is awarded to 12 students in each grade, and is awarded to two students in each homeroom for their demonstration of support, encouragement, and assistance towards peers and the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile.

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Citizenship Award in Grade 7 and Grade 8

I also have brought commitment to service, and act to try and make a difference in the lives of others and the environment. I have achieved a first aid certificate from St. John’s Ambulance after completing a continuous first aid course for a total of 30 hours. I am part of the 1st Hong Kong Canadian Scout Group and have participated in the Canadian Commemorative Ceremony in December since 2010. I also have completed service during the Mandarin Immersion Program in summer 2014, as we performed in an elder home.









Canadian Commemorative Ceremony 2016 (left), St. John’s first aid certification (middle), Community Service Certificate from Taiwan (right)