The Arts – WOKs and Knowledge Framework

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In The Arts, I believe the acquisition of knowledge comes from four ways of knowing working together. We took the specific example of Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, and decided that Sense Perception, Imagination, Emotion, and Reason work together. Firstly, when you view an artwork, you would have to view it through active sense perception in order to see the colours, the techniques, what objects are presented within the work; then this can be taken into two different strands: Imagination and Emotion. Imagination can be used when taking your personal perspective to thinking about what the artwork is trying to represent, and what the symbols show. On the other hand, emotion can be used when depicting the symbolism of the colours used. These two WOKs can also work together as emotion can influence imagination, as a certain colour may cause you to imagine certain things when viewing the artwork. After imagination and emotion, Reason comes in to try and explain what you have come up with using imagination and emotion, and to see whether they fit within the context of the artwork and/or the artist’s intention. These four WOKs work in a cycle, with sense perception starting it off, and they all work together in the acquisition of knowledge in The Arts.

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