The Arts – Knowledge, Method, Historical Development

What is the methodology behind the lightsaber as a piece of Art?

In the method of creating the lightsaber, the creator was creative by using personal knowledge of having swords from films that included chivalry to represent some kind of honour when fighting, along with imagination to develop this idea further in order to create the lightsaber. This creation also used the relationship between art and technology, as the lightsaber’s intention was to be some type of sword that allowed the Jedi to protect themselves, but at the same time it was created to be more futuristic compared to the traditional swords we are used to seeing. When creating the lightsaber in Star Wars, they were like torches, and through the use of reason in technology, the light ray was able to be created and used in the fight scenes along with other digital effects such as blocking rays.

Does Deadmau5 give you knowledge that goes beyond language.

I think Deadmau5 gives you knowledge to some extent because when I was listening to the song and walking around the classroom, at certain parts throughout I felt the urge to move and dance. I think that in this case it does give me knowledge that goes beyond language as the feeling of wanting to move cannot fully be expressed in words in order to allow other people to feel the same way, as they actually have to feel and experience listening to the song in order to understand the sensation.


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