Natural Science – Methodology

In what ways does this quote help us understand the methodology in Natural Science?

This quote mentions that in science, there is an essential balance between two contradictory attitudes, one where there is an openness to new ideas, no matter how bizarre they may appear, and secondly, the most ruthless skeptical scrutiny of all ideas, old and new; and through this is how deep truths are created from deep nonsense. This helps us understand the methodology in Natural Science because when someone first observes an area of the natural world, they have to approach it with an open mind in order to fully comprehend and start to make hypotheses about it before conducting experiments. Furthermore, one would have to take account all old and new ideas and theories in order to critically observe and examine the area of the natural world, thus working towards developing conclusions after looking at all areas that need to be covered.

What is Karl Popper’s theory of Falsification?

Karl Popper’s theory of Falsification disagrees with what people usually think, he suggested that bold hypotheses should be made and can be falsified by evidence. He believes that scientists should go out of their way to find evidence that falsifies their hypotheses in order to refute them and not to find confirmation to support them. For example, scientists may come up with a hypothesis saying that all swans are white, then continue to look for evidence that supports that. However in Popper’s theory, these scientists would have to go looking for black swans, and not to continue looking for white swans.

How is it different from the way most people view Natural Science?

Most people view Natural Science because most people believe that new theories and ideas are created by building upon old theories and ideas, and creating new ones that support and confirm the ones made before. However, Popper states that ‘Science is all about Falsification, not confirmation”, as it is a series of conjectures and refutations, and he believes that the best that scientists can do is to try and prove their hypotheses wrong and fail, thus making Popper’s theory of Falsification different from the way most people view Natural Science.

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