Natural Science – Scope and Application

Create your own definition of the term Natural Science based on the TOK questions and dictionary definitions.

Natural Science is a system of knowledge that involves the study of the physical world and its phenomena, and include areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, or geology, but excludes social sciences, and abstract or theoretical sciences. This involves observing objects or processes in nature and using the Ways of Knowing working together, such as reason and imagination to create a prediction. Then through the process of understanding, generalized statements, principles or scientific laws can be developed about the natural world that can be shared amongst individuals to create shared knowledge.

Who is the Natural Sciences map metaphor for?

The Natural Sciences map metaphor is for those who interact the natural world, which helps them understand and have a sense of the physical world around us, which could allow them to create generalized statements, principles or scientific laws about the natural world. It can also be for those who want to manipulate the natural world, as the map metaphor would help them understand and comprehend the natural world, allowing them to develop methods to change it to perhaps fit a concept or rule.

What questions in Natural Sciences is it answering?

The Natural Sciences map metaphor can answer questions such as:

How is our natural world like?

How is our natural world viewed? Can it be viewed in one perspective?

What hypotheses, generalized statements, principles or scientific laws can be developed about the natural and physical world?

How is the map skewed in Natural Science to help us answer its questions?

I believe that map is skewed in Natural Science in the way that it gives us a limited view on how the natural world is actually like, as different people have different opinions and come up with various contrasting theories that allow one to question how they see the natural world. It allows us to realize that we cannot really view our natural world through one viewpoint, as there are copious amounts of statements, principles or laws that can be generated from the map to help us answer questions about our natural world.

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