How We Organize Ourselves

Our fourth unit, how we organize ourselves was all about waste management and how we deal with our waste in Hong Kong and in other places. I learnt that the landfills in Hong Kong will get filled up in the mid 2010’s which will be in 2016-2020. Then what will we do with our other waste that we produce in 2025? Some people think we should compost more, because it’s environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t harm the environment. Some people think that we should reduce and reuse and recycle more, by doing that, we can save our planet and we can help reduce the use of raw materials. Some people think that we should dump, they don’t care about our environment, and they just want to dump their things in the ocean or on the ground. This unit is about perspectives and connections. The perspectives of different people liking different waste management strategies, and connections that we are having with the people.

In this unit, we learnt about 6 waste management strategies, they are dumping, composting, reducing and reusing, recycling, incineration and landfills. We also learnt the advantages, disadvantages, the effect on communities and effect on the environment of these 6 waste management strategies. For our summative assessment, we had to give a speech about the waste management strategies. We all got different roles to give speeches, my role is a resident living near a landfill. I had to give a speech about anything related to living near the landfill. I gave my speech about the extension of the landfills in Hong Kong should not be done because of many reasons. At first I was nervous to go and give my speech in front of my class, but standing on the podium made me feel more comfortable on giving my speech. Our second summative assessment in this unit is to make a kids story (which I did), a poster…etc, to show your learning after hearing the speeches that our classmates made. During this unit, I learnt about dialectical thought and how it can be used in persuasive speeches, like how we presented our speeches in class. Dialectical thought in speeches are saying a counter argument. For example, you are against landfills being extended, to have dialectical thought, you say something thats good about extending the landfill, then thats also a counter argument.

In conclusion, I think I learnt a lot about waste management and how it’s handled in this unit, and I really enjoyed learning about it.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! We will have a better environment! 🙂

After you recycle plastic bags, then this beautiful dress will be produced.


Here’s a video about waste management:


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