A Once in a Life Time Opportunity

Today classes 5A (Alpha-Adventurers) and 5B (Bosses) went to the S.E.N.T. landfill (South East New Territories) in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong for a field trip. It’s almost impossible to go there, because it’s a government place, and you have to sign a lot of documents. I learn’t a lot of things there.

We first saw a presentation about the S.E.N.T. landfill and the waste management in Hong Kong. I didn’t know this, but there are 16 landfills in Hong Kong, and we only use 3 of them today, the S.E.N.T. landfill, the N.E.N.T. landfill (North East New Territories) in Ta Kwu Ling and the W.E.N.T. landfill (West East New Territories) in Tuen Mun. The other 13 landfills were filled up and turned into parks, recreation centers… etc. In the presentation, many people asked different questions about landfills, how they turn it into parks and many others. I’m thinking why are the people in Hong Kong are not willing to expand the landfills even though it will help us with the waste that we produce? I’m also wondering why people in Hong Kong doesn’t want the Hong Kong government to build a high technology incinerator even though high technology incinerators produce very little dioxin and can help reduce the waste going to the landfill. People in Hong Kong think that the incinerators will harm them because of the dioxin that is going in the air, and harms our health. Almost half of the waste going to the landfill are domestic waste, it’s the waste we produce at home. The 2nd most waste going to the landfills are construction waste, which is the waste for renovating houses and for building houses.

After the presentation, we got to see the landfill, but we have to stay on the bus to see it. It was a good thing, because we don’t have to smell it, but if we got to see it in person, it would have been really cool, and making this field trip a very awesome experience! We saw the tipping phase, and we also saw the plastic wrap that they put on top of the rubbish. The plastic covers that we saw on the trash were green and blue. The plastic wraps keep the smell from spreading out of the landfill. There was a tour guide who works for the S.E.N.T. landfill who came with us to give us a tour. I really think this is a once in a life time opportunity! 🙂

S.E.N.T LandfillN.E.N.T Landfill
W.E.N.T Landfill

17 thoughts on “A Once in a Life Time Opportunity

  1. Hi!
    I think your post was really interesting!
    I liked how you put the names of the landfills!
    Maybe you should use another color for the text…
    Nellie 🙂

  2. To.Alpha-Adventurer 20
    I really liked your post and the pictures you put but can you add what you thought about the trip.

  3. Alpha Adventurer 20,
    Awesome post! I really liked it because of the descriptive way you wrote. But, maybe you should add something like how you felt about the field trip like was it boing exciting or interesting?

  4. Hey Alpha-Adventurer 20,
    Very interesting and informative blog post. We now learned what is all about landfill and how it helps in reducing waste. and maybe its high time for all of us also to think about reducing our waste in order that the landfills we throw our garbage will not be filled up. Keep it up!

  5. hey alpha adventurer 20!
    you wrote a lot with a lot of detail. I think your blog post was really good so here are two stars and a wish for you to consider:
    star#1:you put a lot of detail into your work and you described what type of waste they put into the landfill.
    star#2:you also explained what you did there with good describing words.
    wish:one thing that you could maybe think about in your next post would be to put the pictures not all at the bottom but more spread out through the post to make it more interesting for the reader.

  6. Dear Alpha Adventurer 20,
    I liked how you included a lot of detail in this reflection. I also liked how you described this landfill with great detail. Now I really really want to go to the landfill. It was also great how you did a recount of this trip and you mixed in how you felt.

  7. Hi Alpha Adventurer 20,

    Great job on the blog post! Adding links and pictures really helped improve your post.Next time, I think you should write about how you felt.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and I hope our class can achive 300 comments by friday,
    Alpha adventurer 19

  8. Well written, very informative. Now we know so many things about waste, perhaps we should see how we can reduce the waste. To start with ourselves? At home? If all of us do that, I am sure we don’t need to so many landfills in the future. You were really excitied about this field trip, right? The title of y0ur article is very creative, I like it very much.

  9. Hey Alpha-Adventurer 20!

    I also went to a landfill last year in grade 5, it was awesome and I learn’t a lot of things too. Your post was also really informative 😀 But the landfill smelled bad, didn’t it? I was lucky I brought my lip balm that day (cherry flavoured 😀 )

    Oh and good luck on the 300 comments 😀

    Rachel 🙂
    “Even if fashion fades, style is always eternal” 🙂

  10. Great Post! It was very informative! Hope you field trip was fun! Your post was great! I have learnt a lot! Just a small suggestion, maybe you could get closeups of the landfill so that people can see what it is like!

    Cookie 17

  11. Hi Alpha-Adventurer 20,
    Cool blog post!Like how you show your learning with your audience! Also great pictures you are using there,and good to see you use links!Also this is really detailed.Great Job!!!
    Alpha-Adventurer 4 
    P.S Please comment on my blog so we could have DDD!!

  12. Hey Alpha-Adventurer 20,
    This is a really well-written reflection! I liked how you told us what you learnt and also what you were wondering about. Awesome job!
    -Alpha-Adventurer 22

  13. Hi Alpha-Adventurer 9
    Interesting reflection, great pictures they showed what the landfills looked like so we could get a good look at every single one. It is also great you wrote what you learnt
    Alpha-Adventurer 9

  14. Hey Alpha-Adventurer 20,
    You wrote a really detailed reflection about the S.E.N.T. Landfill. I liked how you added lots of pictures and added captions to them so that we would know what it is. I also liked how you wrote really specifically what you learnt. Keep up the awesome writing!
    Alpha-Adventurer 2

  15. Hey Alpha-Adventurer 20!
    You really wrote a lot! You are a good writer. You learned a lot of new things! One suggestion: for the pictures, it kind of looks like the second one is S.E.N.T. landfill because it’s closer to the picture. Maybe the name should be on top of it instead of below it.
    Please comment on my blog so we can achieve the 300 comments challenge!
    Stargirl aka Alpha-Adventurer 13

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