My Learning this week

On Wednesday 1st of February, we went to the eco park in Hong Kong.  I learn’t that Hong Kong’s waste is very serious, and that we have to take action and recycle plastic, plastic bottles, cans, metal, and paper, to make a better environment. I learn’t that in Hong Kong, there are 3 big landfills, in the North, West and the South. A short form for them are NENT, WENT, and SENT. NENT is the smallest, and SENT is the biggest. I also learn’t that things such as cooking oil, rotten food, or food scraps can be reused for the environment. WENT will be full in about 2 years, and NENT and SENT will be full in about 5 years. I think the government should do something about it. The landfills are getting full, and if we don’t have any landfills, where will our other trash go? Will Hong Kong be filled with rubbish? I hope not. 

We learn’t our new unit. It’s called How We Organize Ourselves. It’s about waste management and the different wastes, and what should we do about it. Our central idea is “Societal decisions made about waste management affect communities and the environment.” We used important word from that, and said what words were related to that central idea, for example, waste, we brainstormed the words unwanted stuff, and garbage/ trash/ rubbish. My question is why can’t the people make the decisions and tell the government? Most people are just shy or scared to go to the government, maybe not always to the government, but I think that the society can help to think of ideas if the government can’t think of any.

We learn’t about the Thinking Hats. Blue Hat- Thinking, Red Hat- Feelings/ emotions, Green Hat- Creativity, Yellow Hat- Benefits, Black Hat- Judgements, White Hat- Facts and Information. I think that these hats are very useful to people when their thinking. If you do a topic, you should use the thinking hats and use them to help you with the topic you have. We did some activities about them and they were kind of fun.  I thought that the thinking hats can help you when you are well, thinking. and it’s very useful for school work, projects and if your parents give you homework.  So you should use the thinking hats.

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