Reflection on the Grade 5 Performance

The grade 5 performance on the 5th of January 2012 was very successful. I’m going to write a reflection about how it went. Our Central Idea is Different Interpretations of the Past can be Discovered by Investigating Historical Events. I was in a group with Alpha-Adventurer 13, Alpha-Adventurer 19, and Alpha-Adventurer 4. Our topic was the Construction of the Pyramid of Giza. We did a skit about it that had to include perspectives of the different people who were in the historical event. Our perspectives were the Vizier, Surveyor and 2 workers. The Vizier is the chief minister of the Great pharaoh Khufu, a pharaoh is a king in Egypt. The Vizier inspects the work that the workers are doing and making sure they do it right. The Surveyor is like the Vizier but he has to make sure that work goes as planned. Actually there were many workers who built the pyramid, but in our skit, we have 2 because we have 4 people. Before we had to go on stage, Our group was really nervous. I was thinking that on stage we will mess up and do the wrong thing or forget our lines. When it was our turn to go on stage, I felt even more nervous. Our skit is about 2 workers complaining to the Vizier and the Surveyor and telling them they don’t want to do this job anymore, and the Surveyor says if they quit, she’ll curse them, and the Vizier tells the workers, if they don’t get back to work, they will have to wash her grandpa’s feet. So the 2 workers have to go back to work to finish the Pyramid. After we finished our skit, we thought we did pretty good on stage. At the end of the performance, the entire grade went on stage and sang our final song altogether. It’s called A Different Point of View. After the performance, the entire grade 5 could go directly to their family. When my family and I were going to our car, my Mom and Dad said that our performance was really good. My younger sister had the song A Different Point of View stuck in her head, so she kept singing it on the way home. What I thought about the performance was that it was really good how we all could get the last song correct when on the first time we got it mostly wrong. The process that lead to all this was we had to go into small groups with people we work well with. Then we started our research on the Construction of the Pyramid of Giza. We had to find perspectives of the people who were in the historical event. We also had to make our music, scripts and sounds. We had to practice our lines and remember them for the performance. We had a winter holiday for 2 weeks, then on January 3rd, we had to go back to school, and immediately had to start practicing on stage for the performance. I thought at first that my group was behind on finding the perspectives and everything we need, but my group we were really worried about the performance, we worked harder, so I felt okay then. What I learnt about this unit is that you can find out many perspectives by searching it in various historical events. I also learnt that we have to work as a group to make the performance successful.

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