Chinese iBook

by 053572 on June 6, 2014


My bilengual iBook that I made during Chinese


KMT Court Case Reflection

by 053572 on June 4, 2014

Recently we have had an activity where we had to attack the KMT [We ended up winning and proving the KMT wrong]

2)    Do you agree with the jury’s verdict? Why or why not? Include at least 5 facts from evidence that was presented during the trial.

I agree with the jury’s verdict but I feel that what I think would be irrelevant, as since we won I would be happy, as things went the way we wanted it to go. One of the pieces of evidence:

Although some points of KMT have been proved correct, after conducting these various experiments we have gathered enough evidence to prove several of these points incorrect. Without all of the points, it is not intact and therefore has been disproved! Now you know the truth behind this unworthy, so called theory. [This was one of the big points that we managed to present successfully.

3)    What was your job? Explain how you fulfilled your responsibilities.

As I was head jury I took notes during the entire court case and at the end it was my job to take the final decision on who won the court case.

4)    If you could do a different job during the court case, which would you have volunteered for and why?

I would have volunteered to be a lawyer as I didn’t really enjoy having to pass down my ideas and not be able to shout them out myself, and I like to have more interaction with what is going on.

5)    Explain one or more thing you learned about KMT during the investigations

I learned that even though there might be scientific rules there are always exceptions, and we need to look at these exceptions and find out more about them.

6)    Explain how you improved as a scientist during the KMT investigations and the trial.

I have learned not to look at the problem itself, but look at the holes around the problem, as sometimes that is where the real problem lies.


Digital ‘Celebration’

by 053572 on May 23, 2014

My most complicated graphics that I have made is for English ‘Breton’s World’, I had to make this for an advertisement for my company in the simulation, in this graphic I had overlaid a series of images, making it seem like one big image, the hardest part though was making the separate images blend together, so it seemed more natural, another major problem that I went through was the lettering, as I couldn’t get the spacing right, as the letters always seemed in the wrong spot.


Another digital project I did was for humanities, where I had to edit a short documentary, and the hardest thing was to time the clips and get the sound right, as I had to get the music and clips at the perfect volume so that you could hear the music and understand the vocal sounds.


Cas Week Experiances

by 053572 on May 23, 2014

For my CAS trip we went to Thailand, this trip was going to be all about adventure and taking risks. Starting off CAS week  we went kayaking, I didn’t expect this activity to be really ‘new’ but it turned out that it was going to be very different then kayaking in still water, as in the river there was a lot more current causing it to be really exciting. Another of the activities that I enjoyed and got experiences from was the visit to the local school, as I had never gone to a school that had such a lack of resources, so that activity was really an eye opener for me.


Design HKH 2014 [Pillboxes]

by 053572 on May 7, 2014


Please do the survey below





English Short Story Reflection

by 053572 on March 7, 2014

A couple days ago we finally finished our final draft for our short story, story writing isn’t my strongest point in english but I think I did pretty well setting up the plot and all of that. This was one of those projects that weren’t all that exciting but it wasn’t boring either. I found the beginning of writing the story the hardest part of the project, as I didn’t have many ideas and didn’t know where to start off with them.Because of this I had a bit of trouble getting my plot approved, but also as I was N.23 I was always last in line so I was the last one to start. There was also another problem as when I started my first story I found that it was actually extremely boring to read. So I took the interesting parts of the plot and put them into a different setting with different characters. In the latter drafts I started adding more dialogue, which I found helped making the story a lot more interesting and fun to read. Overall I think I did pretty well in the assignment, it wasn’t the best I have ever done but I am happy with the outcome of the story.

If this post gets a lot of positive feedback, and this blog gets 100,000,000 views then I will put the story up.


CNY Performance Reflection

by 053572 on March 7, 2014

This performance was extremely weird for me, as I had originally signed up to be a Chinese percussionist; thinking I would be on the drums, (which I was really looking forward too), and was on the drums for the first dress rehearsal. I had really enjoyed that practice, but sadly none of the other concerts managed to ‘outfun’ that one. Then I got moved to the cymbals, but as there were none at the time I ended up having to sit out half the rehearsal, which I actually was pretty disapointed about. For the rest of the rehearsals I ended up hitting two sticks together. I found this extremely annoying, as to me,it felt like a nice way of saying: we don’t really need you. So for the performance I was thoroughly dissapointed. But if I said anything else that would be lying, so i am gonna keep this completely straight. Looking back now I probably should have asked you to re-join the trumpets but by then everything was done and settled. Other than my part problems and the unlucky part of a quarter of the grade being sick, I think we did pretty well to catch up on it. During the classes I really enjoyed the drumming, the CNY song was cool and I enjoyed playing it, so all in all I found this a fun and entertaining unit with both its ups and downs.

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Build a Bird Reflection

by 053572 on February 14, 2014

I think I did really well on this task, as I got everything done on time and I got all my designs/model the way i like :D.

There were 3 different drawings that I especially liked, they were done by:

Samir: I like how all the feathers were made very realistically, facing the right directions, and showing all the movement that was happening in the drawing.

Julian: I like how all the feathers are layered, it gives an effect of depth inside of the bird’s coat. I also like the detail that went into making the environment. (branches, leaves, trees, etc).


Kate: I like how the stomach makes up most of the body, and is a very circular shape. Making it a very plump bird.


Community and Service

by 053572 on January 15, 2014

for my community and service I worked at the JWA bazzar selling cloths for charity, (the money made from the bazzar went to the charity).


Final Book Jacket

by 053572 on November 25, 2013

click to see full image



Book Jacket Mock-up

by 053572 on November 12, 2013

Mock-Up #2– Mock-up Keynote

Click on image to see in full view.



Humanities So Far

by 053572 on October 25, 2013

We have done two different units in humanities so far, one about geography and we are currently starting one about history, I found the summative assessment for geography, really fun. As I found it cool and interesting to be able to decide what goes on a country and change everything to your liking. As we have only just started the new unit I can’t really say much, but I think if it is nearly as good as the first unit it should be find.


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

by 053572 on October 22, 2013


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

by 053572 on October 22, 2013

At the beginging of the project I thought that making paper airplanes would be easy and wouldn’t take long. But oh how wrong I was; We started up by looking on the internet for good designs that we could try. We made a BIG mistake by choosing two of the most difficult ones, if I had to do it again I would have stuck with the simple design and make more smaller changes to it.


The Scientific Process

by 053572 on October 11, 2013

Unit 1 reflection

I used to think that the scientific process was very simple, just getting a question, doing an experiment and proving your point. But now I know that there is a lot more to the scientific process (such as variables), as before I had no idea what any type of variable was. But now I know that these variables are the roots/base of the experiment, for example if you choose a different independent variable it changes almost entirely the experiment. Also all the control variables and dependant variables, in the past I had no idea what these even meant.

I have also learned about all the different steps you had to take so that someone else could redo the experiment, I used to completely ignore this fact, as I never thought that someone else could also try to use the information that I had gathered.

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by 053572 on May 27, 2013



Mythical Creature

by 053572 on May 27, 2013

This creature is a between the worm and the snake, it is a harmless creature that won’t attack anything, as it is a herbivore. It is a very small creature, (about the size of a hamster). So it can be kept as a pet, as it is very playful and likes to roll around. It is called a squail.


Conflict Artwork

by 053572 on October 5, 2012

We have been learning about different types of conflicts and this is a photo I took that represents conflict. With this photo I have made a few pieces of art. The colours used represented the mood in this certain conflict.

Comment on what you see.





















Math Summative Assessment

by 053572 on October 5, 2012

We have just finished our math assessment and it is about integers. I made a keynote presentation to teach other students about how to use integers. (adding, subtracting, etc). This is the final version of my integer tutorial.  [youtube][/youtube]

Next time I make a tutorial like this I will try to rehearse more the script and not do it after the plan.
I did well in the tutorial effects so it makes sense.


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Ties That Bind Ties That Break Character Profile

by 053572 on September 27, 2012

This is a character profile about a girl in Ties That Bind Ties That Break.


In the beginning of the book Ailin is five years old but is already developing several characteristics. She loved running and playing around in the countryside. So when it was time to have her feet bound she started arguing and asked ‘If we women are so powerful why do we submit to have our feet bound? Men don’t have their feet bound.’ From that young age she taught herself to be headstrong and rebellious. When Ailin turned nine her dad asked her if she wanted to go to a public school. She eagerly accepted to go. When she started going to school she learned that there was more to the world than China. She also found that the Chinese tried to keep themselves away from foreign countries because they were ashamed of themselves. It was at this school where she met a lady who gave her hope in life.This lady was an American so didn’t have bound feet. In China though the Americans were called ‘big noses’. By having big feet and going to a public school Ailin ruined the family’s so-called ‘reputation’. Ailin’s uncle tried to stop her from going to school because it was a waste of time and money. Ailin ignored her uncle and went to school anyway. Since that day Ailin and her uncle have hated each other. Her problems with her family made it so that she had to teach herself to think for herself and not let other people rule over her. Overall Ailin is an intelligent girl who will not let other people choose what to do with her life.


Grade 6 Week 1

by 053572 on August 24, 2012

   We just finished our first week of school, it was a really busy week. We had math,reading and P.E. tests and lots of other things like updating my blog (ta-da!) catching up on school work, getting into our new routines and all that beginning of school stuff. This year I am in 6E’Elite Empire and this year I am Elite 20. We finished our first art project about explaining how you feel about UOI (unit of inquiry) using non-text based arts.
I already knew most of this year’s students names so that was no problem to me. There is only one new student this year and we are getting along pretty well.
We had a hard time choosing our class name and when we had to choose it the vote was extremely close in the end.
In the end vote it 14 votes for Elite Empire and 11 votes for Epic E-vengers that I personally didn’t really like but in the end we got Elite Empire that most of the boys in my class were rooting for.

So that was our first week of grade 6.
There will be lots more updates in the future so every week or so check
my blog out.

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My Dream House

by 053572 on June 8, 2012

In class we had a math assignment called ‘My Dream House’.  We created a floor plan and we had to make a model of it using ‘Minecraft’. Most of you might know Minecraft as a game but it is extremely educational if used properly.     On the floor plan it was 30 blocks by 40 blocks and Minecraft is full of blocks so we could use it for the math assignment. I made 1 block on the floor plan become 2 blocks in Minecraft. Minecraft is really helpful because it makes big projects like making a huge model much easier and clear. Minecraft also teaches you to correct things on your own without someone having to help you. So it teaches you to problem solve. Minecraft is also very realistic.

Here is the model I made on Minecraft.

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The Human Body Unit

by 053572 on May 18, 2012

We just started a new unit of inquiry about the human body. We are going to learn about body parts, muscles and how the body changes through life. We are going to learn how things we do can change our bodys. We are also going to learn how to take care of our bodys.

We just started this unit and it is very interesting. Here are a few interesting and weird facts: boys have less taste buds then girls,by the age of 60, most people lose half their taste buds,your ears produce more ear wax when you are afraid, etc.

Everyone in the class is going to research a subject in the human body. I chose: What happens during puberty?           I will research and make a mini presentation on what I learned. I chose this subject because it is coming soon.

In class we are learning all the bones and muscles. It is really interesting.  But I really want to learn how the human body changes. I am also really excited because we are at camp from Mon to Fri and it is going to be lots of fun.   Today is such a wet day so I hope it will get better.


My Minecraft Master Piece

by 053572 on May 15, 2012

This is a creeper I made in Minecraft. Minecraft is an application where everything is blocks. This master piece is  geometric because it is made using squares and rectangles.

By Dynamo 20   Date 15 May 2012


PSA ( Public Service Announcement)

by 053572 on April 25, 2012

I recently made a PSA about children’s rights.A PSA is a Public Service Announcement that encourages people to take action. I made a PSA because I want to change this world and I want people to take action. There is a whole list of children’s rights and I chose article 38. The article is: you have the right to protection and freedom from war. Children under 15 cannot be forced to go into the army or take part in war.
Our Unit Of Inquiry is about children’s rights and it is a very serious subject. We read about lots of children who were in bonded labour and forced to work. This Unit of inquiry was really serious but interesting to me. I found out that there is a lot of bad people out there who still do things that I thought no one would do nowadays.

I think that we really need to change the world and it is our responsibility to do it. Children are stuck in bonded labour and not many people are doing anything about it. So be one of the few who help these children and reward might come in ways you don’t expect.

So watch this video and give it a little thought.
Hope this video convinces you to change this world.

by Dynamo 20

Here it is


My Timetable

by 053572 on April 23, 2012


Rubix Cube Art

by 053572 on April 19, 2012

This Morning Ms. Cahusac showed us a picture of a man making art out of thousands of Rubix Cubes. I was seriously surprised when I saw that image. It showed that even though it takes a long time anything can become a piece of art. Even the computer or device you are using right now. When it is too broken or too old to be used give the parts to the right person and he could make a magnificent piece of art.


Student Led Learning Review

by 053572 on April 18, 2012

Today we had a Student Led Learning Review.    It was fun to go through all the work which has been covered during the last months, to appreciate all the new knowledge we’ve acquired and share it with the parents.  It was great to finally get over with it !  My mum was very impressed by my computer knowledge; I think I can start teaching her now !

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Funny Holiday Moments

by 053572 on April 10, 2012

During the holidays my friend went snorkeling and completely hated it. When he went in the water there were lots of tiny jellyfish hanging around. So it was kind of annoying for him. When he started swimming he tried to breathe through his nose and he started coughing and coughing. While he was coughing he got stung by one of the jellyfish. He started coughing and saying ouch! at the same time.

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Book Report Young Samurai Ring of the Wind

by 053572 on March 26, 2012

I have recently read a book called Young Samurai Ring of the Wind. It is the before last book in the young samurai series.  It is a great adventure book and it has lots of suspense. The story takes place in the Seto sea (since it isn’t book 1) Japan. The story is about a foreigner Jack Fletcher who is trying to escape from the Shogun (ruler of Japan).  So with his friends they try to go to Nagasaki port to find a ship that will bring them back to England.

For those who love adventure books this book will be great.

The first books of the series are:

Young Samurai Way of the Warriour
Young Samurai Way of the sword
Young Samurai Way of the Dragon
Young Samurai Ring of Earth
Young Samurai Ring of Water
Young Samurai Ring of fire
Young Samurai Ring of the wind
Young Samurai Ring of the sky (coming soon)


Week 1 Spelling Words

by 053572 on February 29, 2012

We are starting a spelling unit and these are the words that I chose.

1. Societal
2. Environment
3. Leachate
4. Tranquil
5. Phlegmatic
6. Discrepancy
7. Labialize
8. Altiloquence
9. Coquelicot
10. bologna

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Destination:Recycling Plant

by 053572 on February 2, 2012

   Today we went to a a recycling plant that recycles plastic objects like old or used up drinking bottles, old toys or even broken or old construction materials. First we went to a place called ‘Eco Park’ were we learned about how much garbage we consumed per mounth/year and about how one of our HK landfills are soon going to close down because it is too full. Then we went to the recycling plant and we actually saw the plastic get sliced and diced and cut in a million pieces. There I learned that there are 7 groups of plastic, all of them with different qualities. Some could be recycled indefinitely, some could only be recycled a few times before disintegrating. Some can resist to high tempertures but some can’t. All the groups have 2 letters describe them except 7 because in group 7 are the other types of plastic that aren’t in the first 6 groups. Might be a little complicated at first but they are just letters to describe the group.
Here are all the names of the groups:
1 Pete
2 Hdpe
3 V        ( Yep that’s all)
5 PP
6 PS
7 other
That was enough recycling talk for today.
But stay tuned to hear more eco news!


Skiing in Val d’Isere

by 053572 on January 29, 2012

I just came back from Val d’Isere and I had a great week though right now I am a little jet lagged.. I passed two tests during the week and did great. The tests I did were: the ‘Chamoix*’ and the  ‘Fleche*’ which means arrow in the ‘Chamoix’ the levels are: Cabri then bronze, silver, vermeil and gold. In the ‘Chamoix’ you have to complete a ‘slalom special’. On the right is a picture of me in the ‘Chamoix’ test.                                            I got the ‘chamoix d’argent’ because I did 41.00.

On the second test the Fleche I got the ‘Fleche d’argent’*. I could have done better on this test because in the middle of the race I almost fell but I managed to stop myself, but I still lost a whole second on that incident. But I am glad that I still managed to get the ‘Fleche d’argent’.  The top picture is me training for the test.






*   ‘Chamoix’ a French ski test  special slalom

*    ‘Fleche’ a French ski test   giant slalom

*    ‘Argent’ Silver

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Chinese New year Holidays

by 053572 on January 19, 2012

We are now on our Chinese new year  holidays!  My family is going to go to Val d’isere France skiing.  It is going to be the 6th year in a row that we are going there and I am really excited. I hope everyone will have a safe and fun holiday and have a happy new year!


Elements Ice rink Field Trip

by 053572 on December 13, 2011

Today we went to the Elements ice rink. The whole of grade 5 went so it was a bit crowded but we dealt with it.
Some people knew how to skate but some don’t. (I know how to skate since I took skating lessons when I was small. It was really fun and exciting. We had a very small lunch (since we all wanted to skate more) so I was a bit hungry after. We all had a great time.


National Treasure Review

by 053572 on December 5, 2011

Recently we have watched this movie called National Treasure. It was a really interesting fast-paced and kept you glued to the screen. It is a story about a lost treasure and a man spending his whole life looking for it. At the beginning the man (Ben Gates) has a glue that has been passed down in the family for centuries. No one believes Ben that the treasure even existed! This movie is connected to our unit of inquiry because our unit is about history. In this movie I have learned that you should always believe what you want to believe. My favorite part was when Ben was stealing the declaration of independence it was really intense.

Here is the trailer of the movie National Treasure



Team Fear

by 053572 on November 30, 2011



This is a video about a race I did and It is an adventure race were you are in teams of 3 or 2,  teams of 3 for juniors (under 11) and teams of 2 for the rest.


Word Cloud

by 053572 on November 29, 2011

This is a world cloud and a made it very simply by putting the link of my blog in this website called ‘Wordle‘  It took a few words that I think describes my blog.

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Splat! Reflection

by 053572 on November 29, 2011

Today we went to see this show called ‘SPLAT!’.  It is a show where three actors acted out over 30 poems!   All the poems were great but one stands out and it is called ‘Max‘, the poem is about a dog that farts a lot, plus in the background sound effects there were fart noises! It was hilarious.                                                                                                                   Faust is a company that teaches drama to kids, after lots of practice the kids also perform in public.


Operation Golden Rules

by 053572 on November 20, 2011



The Artifact Game

by 053572 on November 20, 2011

This is a game where you need 3 or more to people to play.  The point of the game is to try to guess the where the artifact is from, how old it is and how it was used. This is how we have been playing in 5D.

How to play

1. Hand out a piece of paper to everyone who wants to play.
2. Find an artifact on the internet or in a book
3. Zoom in on the picture (if on a computer) 0r hang the picture on a wall (if printed out)
4. Make sure NO ONE TALKS.
5. Write down where the artifact is from, how old it is and how it was used.
6. When everyone has finished writing down their answers you may share ideas.
7. If nobody knows for sure what it is research the item on a computer or book.
This game is connected to our unit of inquiry because we have to infer what the artifact is and our unit of inquiry is about history.
For the first try use this artifact. Both pictures are the same artifact.
Please comment what you think the artifact is how old it is and how it was used.


Picture Of The Day

by 053572 on November 16, 2011

Once we have the time in class we try to go to this site called The Globe And Mail.  On this site there is a place where you can see the best pictures in the last 24 hours. Some of the pictures are very interesting and this is the one I thought was the best.

This person is doing a sport called Kite-surfing where you hold a Kite and and the wind goes in the kite and it pulls you. Sometime the wind is so strong you can jump very high.  You can also just use this kite on the ground.


Remembrance Day

by 053572 on November 14, 2011

Today is remembrance day and it is a day to remember those who died in war.  There is a moment of silence to honor the dead who fought for their (and our) freedom. A lot of people died so there is not much laughter in the air.



by 053572 on October 31, 2011

The BBB is a competition between bloggers and their blog. I have joined the BBB because I thought it would be nice to challenge myself in a thing I like doing, plus I would get to see other people’s blogs. I almost forgot, BBB stands for Better Blogging Battle.


Why Does CDNIS Love Halloween ?

by 053572 on October 31, 2011

Have you been asking this question? Well it is true because if we didn’t like Halloween so much students and teachers wouldn’t bring in food for parties, nobody would dress up; but we all do these things. I guess that’s why CDNIS loves Halloween so much.


Back to work

by 053572 on October 26, 2011

Now that we are at school we have been working as hard as ever. But on Friday it’s Halloween and we are going to have a party where there will be games,movies, a dancing room etc .  On the same day we are going to have a Halloween assembly where there will be a costume contest. But until then we will have to work, work  and work.

Game:  Put in the comment box what you are going to wear on Halloween and I shall chose the best three!


October break

by 053572 on October 25, 2011

Our October break has just ended. I had a lot of fun and since my favorite hobby is swimming and swam almost every day. I had my usual training plus a few extra training lessons since we were on holiday. I think I improved a lot; now I can keep on going on like this by telling you what I improved but I will just say it briefly. I improved my diving (even though my backstroke dive still needs to be improved) I improved my butterfly and other few minor details.    That’s about it.



by 053572 on October 6, 2011


on Prezi

Our class has just finished our unit and we had to invent a new type of communication technology or upgrade an old type of communication technology.This is my invention. Notre classe vient de finir notre unité et on a du inventer un nouveau type de communication technologique ou améliorer un déja existant. Ca, c’est mon invention.


Art Jamming

by 053572 on October 5, 2011

On the 27th  of September our class went to Art Jam. Art Jam is a studio and you can go paint on canvases using a lot of special tools like sponges, big paint brushes etc.                            When we went to Art Jam two other  classes were there with us but it wasn’t too crowded because the studio was big. When we started painting we had to get the paint but it was tricky because there were so many kids. When I got my paint I took orange because it was my main colour, also because I was going to paint a tropical sunset.  So I painted the tropical sunset but it  was very  hard to paint so it took me a long time to do but I still managed to paint it.  That morning was the best I have had this school year.

Le 27 septembre toute la classe est allée a ‘Art Jam’. c”est un studio ou l’on peut peindre sur des toiles avec pleins d’instruments comme des éponges,des gros pinceaux etc. Quand on est allé a ‘Art Jam’ on était avec deux autres classes de mon école mais il y avait encore beaucoup de place parce que le studio était assez grand. Avant que nous commençions a peindre il fallait chercher la peinture mais comme on était tellement nombreux ce n’était pas facile. Quand j’ai enfin pu prendre ma peinture j’ai pris du orange parce que c’était ma couleur principale et aussi parce que j’allais peindre un coucher de soleil tropical. Alors j’ai peint mon coucher de soleil mais c’était tres difficile mais j’y suis quand meme arrivé.    Je me suis beaucoup amusé.


How I Express Myself/Comment je m’exprime

by 053572 on October 1, 2011

I express myself with email,internet,blogging,phone calls,face time and face to face. Normally I prefer expressing myself face to face because I want to see and understand the audience’s reaction but when you are talking on the phone you can only hear the words,so you can never be sure how the other person is feeling. Visual arts is also an other way of expressing myself like painting,sketching and sculpting (choosing the right colour according to my mood).             I also express my friendship to others by preparing gifts. My general behaviour is also a way of expressing myself (rendering services, being nice obedient, etc.).

Je m’exprime grace au email, a l”internet, blogging, appels téléphoniques, face time et le face a face.  Normalement je préfere le face a face parce que je peux voir la personne a qui je parle et voir ses expréssions faciales; mais quand on parle au téléphone, on n’entend que sa voix alors on ne peut jamais etre sur a quoi la personne pense des mots que l’on vient de dire. Les arts visuels sont aussi une autre façon de m’éxprimer comme la peinture, sculpture et sketches ( choisir la bonne couleur en fonction mon humeur).   J’exprime aussi mon amitié en donnant des cadeaux a mes amis. Mon comportement  général est aussi une façon de m’éxprimer (en rendant des services, en étant sage,etc).

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