YOTH Reflection

I did enjoy participating in the CNY concert because it was a really fun and exciting experiment. I thought that actually performing on stage was the best part out of the whole experiment because the whole of Gr.  7 is participating and it brings a certain togetherness energy on that stage. Although there were some parts we could improve like looking at the conductor and seeing when to stop playing the repeats because I had to remind the people beside me to look at the conductor. But either then that it was really good, the concert I think is the best is the last one ( we had three concerts to play ) because that was the most fluent and almost everyone stopped when they had to stop while doing the repeats. Also almost everything was running smoothly.

I did recognize personal growth, recently I’ve practiced more on the clarinet because I couldn’t reach the high notes quickly or if I reached it quickly, I couldn’t or the sound will be very bad. Plus I had to work on playing fluently and try to make tonging seem casual because right now, I seem to have a problem with that and I don’t feel comfortable. Ending I did reach my goal and I am proud of myself. Also when the performance dates were near, I practiced almost every day for about 30 minutes to an hour. So this really has been growth of personal engagement.

Blue Reflection

Today, in music, we had a blues music unit, we had a test on playing blues unit with the instrument, I chose the clarinet, I faced some difficulties with the fingering because when you have a fast tempo, you need accurate fingering and you need to cover the holes for a higher quality sound. So I practiced almost everyday for 30 minutes and so that’s how I improved my fingering. I think I got a pretty good grade for the first try, but I think I can do better because I’ve been practicing the clarinet for almost 1-2 years so I think that next time, I should get a higher grade and should challenge myself. So my goal is to have better skills for the clarinet, also the key to success is the fingering, you need precise and accurate fingering in order for higher sound quality and for better skill.