Comparing Human and Natural Science

Choose 1 question you developed from NS

What caused the volcano to erupt?

How did the volcano eruption impact the biodiversity around the area?

Choose 1 question you developed from HS

What was the towns population economic situation during the volcano eruption?

How did the eruption affect the town below?

Design a research task or experiment to answer both questions (one for each)


  1. Look at the air composition around the area
  2. The tectonic plate movement around the area (seismic activity)
  3. Look at the biodiversity around the area
  4. Observe the weather and climate


  1. look at the statistics regarding the town’s economy, demographics, migration, biodiversity
  2. compare the stats before and after the eruption
  3. Look at previous cases of volcano eruption
  4. See if the results of those cases apply to this one given the data
  5. Deduce reasons for data not addressed in previous cases


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