Faith and Intuition

Today in TOK we had another way of knowledge topic and this time it was Faith and Intuition. We spent most of our time coming up with arguments on whether faith should be part of an area of knowledge. Which is what this blog post would be about.

We came up in groups and first discussed the implications that do not support whether faith should be an AOK.

Faith can be not factual and can be not based on any evidence. For example, religion is a major example of this scenario. A large audience may have faith that Christianity and Jesus condemns homosexuality and non-binary people. As a result faith should not be classified as an Area of Knowledge as there is no evidence or facts to back up what people have faith in. Another point that we listed was that beliefs are not justified and may be based on intuition. As a result this may cause bias views which alters peoples reality from the truth. For example, coming back to religion. Some people have faith that there is no such thing as climate change. Despite numerous evidence and studies (although we can also assume that people do believe in climate change as there is no straightforward proof that humans caused climate change. We only base this claim from logic and studies). Faith also causes differences in opinions which would create unnecessary conflict. For example, religion again. People have argued and fought over which religion is the “true” religion like Shi’ite Muslims or Sunni Muslims. Or Catholics or Protestants and etc.

However we also came up with argument that support that faith should be an Area of Knowledge.  For example like the climate change example above, we do not have 100% proof on any natural science or to a certain extent science concept. Anything abstract and not actually physical needs faith as we do not have the capability to proof theories or ideas based on correlation and patterns which is how we justify things. By eliminating faith as a way of knowledge, we are disavowing everything related to science and maths. Another example of how faith can be a way of knowing is that faith gives us indirect knowledge about human sciences. As what we believe could tell us on who we are as a person which is why psychiatrists tend to do, this area of knowing is giving us knowledge.

In my personal opinion, I think faith should be an area of knowledge. Although faith can be and has a reputation of being non-sensical or based on no evidence. If you think about it, all ideas and knowledge requires faith and that as a species, we agree upon a common idea which is what fuels our beliefs and faith.


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