Role of Imagination:

  • – Conceptualise and visualise hard to understand concepts/ideas in order to be more easily understanding.
  • – Able to get other viewers to understand more from what the speaker is trying to express
  • – However imagination can be altered and unrealistic
  • – Imagination may not convey a true perspective and can only be generalised in order to be applicable
  • – Our imagination can be limited to extend our perspectives to even beyond other’s, let alone different species

Role of Memory

  • – To grasp and effectively recall
  • – However like memory can also be altered and realistic
  • – Memory can be unrealistic and can be also altered by our sub-conciousness

However by explaining that memory and imagination is a double edged sword, we can still overcome these challenges that every human faces. For example, for memory we can use imagination as a way of knowing to a certain extent. As imagination mainly benefits us by looking at different perspectives and trying to understand and conceptualise easier. We can get the general idea  of concepts through the use of imagination and not rely as much on imagination to look at the specifics. For example, when looking at World War 2 we can imagine what it was like to be a soldier fighting on the battlefront of Normandy and makes it easier to understand the perspective of the soldier. However we should not rely on imagination as we do not what it was truly like to actually be in World War 2 and that imagination does not benefit us if we solely rely on this Area of Knowledge.  For memory, our teacher explained how memory can be used to help us gain knowledge by remembering previous concepts/ ideas that help us build on to our existing knowledge. For example, we need to know PEDMAS and the operations in order to do algebra in math. However just like how imagination or other WOK, there are limitations to memory. As memory is from our perspective our memory may be altered from the truth in order to support biasness or we remembered it wrong.

Overall, I think that just like any other WOK, memory and imagination are both double edged swords when gaining knowledge.

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