Today in TOK, we mainly focused on the way of knowing of Emotion. And for our assignment today, we were assigned a knowledge claim and try to argue and counter-argue that specific knowledge claim that was related to what we learned; Emotion as a way of learning. We learned how emotion could be a double edged sword as it could be benefit or a hindrance to gain knowledge. Anyway, our specific knowledge claim that we had to create kind of a debate that counters each argument was the area of knowledge; the arts are all about emotional expression: emotion is the most important thing in this area of knowledge.

Basically, the arguments that supported that emotion was the most important way of knowing form the area of knowing of the arts was:

  1. Art is strategic, and is often judged in its beauty or emotional response which in itself beauty can be boiled down from emotions. This could be evident as one of the clips that we saw in class was a video called “The Greatest Speech Ever Made” and was performed by Charlie Chaplin. The speech itself aroused emotion from my fellow classmates and had a sense of beauty from the words Charlie Chaplin spoke or more importantly, how he spoke it which elicited patriotic and moving emotions from me and my fellow classmates.
  2. Art is usually opinionated and subjective. I believe that as art is not quantifiable and is abstract, we try to justify art through our opinions and how we connect with art. For example, when looking around a gallery, certain pieces make you feel a certain way.
  3. Art works can be used to tell stories which can elicit emotions. For example, a moving picture or a video or even a novel or speech. Like the video that we watched “The Greatest Speech Ever Made” in class.

Arguments that counter-claim that emotion is the most important drive-force for art:

  1. Art does not always exist to convey emotion, for example Michaelangelo Sistine Chapel’s art intentions were not to convey or express emotion, rather then to express religion and beliefs of Roman Catholics.
  2. Another way art may not necessary express emotion is through academics. Rather then what emotions were expressed in ones art, academics grade artworks by craftsmanship and a show of a variety of skills.

However based on the points conveyed above, I do believe that the purpose of art is to mainly be abstract, fluid and not rigid and structured and I believe that emotion allows us to look at art as an abstract fluid perspective. Whereas the counter arguments listed above makes art more rigid and structured which is what I do not think art should truly be.

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