Sense Perception

Today is another day where this mind blowing extravaganza continues with the TOK. In TOK today, we learnt about sense perception and how we do not know truly what really is the “real world” based on the limitations of our sensor due to our natural adaptations that helped our ancestors survived. For example, how we truly see colour is just from the perspectives of us, as humans. Where our eyes can miss information that our mind deems “unimportant” or can even interpret information, where in reality it is just an abstract image or object that our mind is so determined to make sense of.

However I think that Areas of Knowledge can help verify or correct us from our “faulty” senses. For example, in mathematics, we can calculate large numbers of objects, people, money or etc. with precise calculations based on smaller measurements where we can firmly confirm that what our senses recognise is true. For example, with measuring populations, it is unreliable if you just look at a jar of candy and estimate how many candy treats are in a jar. But with mathematics and precise measurement, we can know precisely how much candy is in a jar without opening it and with just measurements.

I think its a big concept to tackle but I think in time, I will get used to having this giant bombshell just shake all my beliefs or things I am confident at.

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