Intro to Ways of Knowledge

Today in Theory of Knowledge, I learned about the different ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Basically ways of knowing include but not limited to reasoning, language, emotion, instinct, imagination and etc. Basically anything or any method that allows you to gather knowledge. For example, with emotion, it could allow you access of knowledge about empathy, how other’s feel like or unlike you. It could be applied to the Arts (ie. painting, cooking, music etc.) As arts heavily rely on the knowledge of the artist with emotions in order to start a piece/painting/dish. This could also be applied to other ways of knowledge. And today we talked about how different areas of knowledge (ie. subjects like maths, natural science, arts, human science etc.) could be a double edged sword that can help you gain but also be a weakness and limit your ability with bias and stubbornness. For me, I think how you would distinct what WOK with AOK depends on the context. For example, in science, I try to have an unbiased and neutral standpoint and just look at the evidence and facts that science give me. In which I would limit my WOK in emotion, instinct and etc. And focus more on reasoning, language and etc. Whereas in Art, focuses more on an human aspect and less on evidence and reasoning. So I would focus my WOK in emotions, instinct and less quantifiable WOK.

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