Knowledge and Explaining

Today was our first Theory of Knowledge class. Firstly, this class shocked my belief of how knowledge is disputable and what are the distinctions between knowledge and faith. This class (keep in mind first) shocked me to my core of how even knowledge is disputable. Previously, before this class I always had the imagery of how knowledge is an old, thick and indestructible tree. However as from class discussions, knowledge can be disputed by how we even can view as knowledge. How knowledge can be defined as basic understanding that is agreed upon by everyone and that there is no deny. Or it could just be a fact/opinion that a person views that can not be counter-argued with. Whereas a belief could be countered, or that it could be how that person is able to take counter-arguments and is able to be more flexible in what they truly believe that is “true”. Overall, this first lesson really broadened my mind, but at the expense of losing my train of thought and making my brain turn into goo.

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