Design Project: Making a Documentary

During this past month, me and two other classmates have been working on a documentary about people migrating from China to Hong Kong, we had to conduct interviews with people that we knew and go through a one month process.From the goals that we wanted to achieve, I think that, informatively, our group did succeed in this sector as I think our documentary was able to give an insight onto how individuals moved to Hong Kong based on their previous life conditions in Guangzhou and the motivation that drove them to move to Hong Kong. I feel like this was achieved as I feel like all three interviews were all very content heavy when providing personal details about all 3 interviewees. This would really benefit our audiences as there is not a lot of variety when it comes to personal experiences of civilians moving from China to Hong Kong on the internet. This is also evident from the feedback our group got from a class screening where our classmates had to complete a survey that we created. However, when creating a general theme or mood, I think we failed at that. I feel like our group was not as coordinated as it should be as our director had a different approach in mind compared to our other group members. However as a group member, I should also take responsibility of our uncoordinated way of working and how our documentary feels more like 3 separate interviews rather then one cohesive documentary as a whole.  Also with feedback from the audience expressing confusion between what theme our documentary was trying to aim, I feel like this was really evident from the unconnected collaboration between me and my group mates. Overall I feel like if I did this project all over again, I would like to coordinate and communicate with my group members more effectively and more frequently, I fee like at the beginning of the project, we were working as a team. However during the middle and the end of the project, i feel like each group member did their own thing. So I think after this project, it really taught me the importance of working together during a group project. 

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