Design Cycle Reflection

Since this Design Cycle which we were tasked to create a graphic novel from a scene from the book “Empire of the Sun”. Empire of the Sun is a fictional book based on the authors events of World War 2. Anyway, since this design cycle, I learnt how to use more tools on Illustrator, one of the most crucial things I learned from the design cycle is using the pen tool because the pen tool can draw lines and can trace from my hand drawn draft of the graphic novel. Our design cycle unit question is how does the use of visuals help reinforce a particular message? So this project relates to the design cycle unit because the Empire of the Sun has a lot of complex issues and abstract thoughts that some readers can’t apprehend, so a graphic novel can help and aid them understand better of complex situations and thoughts because Empire of the Sun is a novel and is full of text and no pictures and so a graphic novel can illustrate them and that the human mind can comprehend more if it is in picture form rather then text form. Using visuals helps reinforce a particular message because visuals can have a variety of choices that can affect the readers thoughts. For example if a graphic novel was full of dark and dull shades of colors, then the reader would most likely understand better and get the full picture. I think that technology does facilitate the communication of ideas because now we have social media to spread out our ideas of communicating, we have iMovie and cameras that we can record which is another way of communicating, then there is animation that we can do either on paper or on computer and upload to the web which does change the way we communicate. I think that technology definitely facilitates communication because we now have so many different ways we can communicate that people can understand easily. If I were to do this project again, I would have managed my time better by creating a schedule throughout the whole project and look at a further outcome, because I don’t think I managed my time well and that was the main problem I faced when creating the whole design cycle project.

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