Chain of Production

Recently in my Intro to Business class, we started a new Unit of Inquiry which is Business Fundamentals, our new Statement of Inquiry (SOI) is: Understanding that businesses operate within a system whose structure is influenced by causality external factors. This helped me understand better of the SOI, first of all chain of production is the goods needed to produce a product in order to sell. For example, a car has a chain of production. First, the car needs metal for the body which is influenced from the car industry which is related to the SOI. The list of business can go on and on, for example the metal needed to produce a car can be influenced by the mining machines who also rely on natural resources and it can be one big giant complicated web where businesses affect other business. Our global context is identity and relationships, I think that what I learnt fits with Chain of Production because the Chain of Production is based on relationships, as I said before, businesses rely on each other which is relationships and identity is what the business do in order to demand supplies that other businesses rely. An example of a real life situation is for example a chocolate bar, the identity of the business is that it makes chocolate bars. Chocolate bars need ingredients such as butter and milk in order to make it. Therefore establishing relationships with other businesses in order to supply a product. Also there is the retailers that sells the product which benefits the chocolate bar business thereforeScreen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.15.47 pm establishing relationships.

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