Types of Organization

Recently in business, we learnt that there are types of organisations and associations that companies cooperate with each other in order to benefit from one another. This helps me understand the statement of inquiry which is to understand that entrepreneurs must innovate inorder to remain competitive over time. This helps me learn more because it shows that businesses can work with one another to benefit from each other and to innovate with each other cause normally organisations would share information will one another and would inform business laws that would apply to them. This helps me further understand the global context which is orientation in space and time because at first business tend to compete with each other but over time, new business methods are accepted such as an alliance or organisation that helps one another to survive. This connects to the SOI because business can help one another to innovate and help each other which relates to the SOI. For example, before in the 1800s, very few organisations were formed because businesses competed with each other and their mindset was very competitive but now organisations are now in every industry which shows people are adopting new methods of businesses.Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.52.22 pm

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