Starting a Business

Starting a business requires a few things in order to start. First entrepreneurs need a motivation or a reason why they would like to start a business. Those motivations can range from freedom meaning they would like to work only for themselves to just being motivated to sell something. But not only do you need a motive to start, you need skills to run the business like creativity, decision making,¬†perseverance ¬†and other skills in order to be an entrepreneur. This relates to the statement of inquiry which understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in order to remain competitive over time because in order to be an entrepreneur, you need to have a set of skills and attitudes in order to successfully start a business perseverant to get back on their feet and try something new and to innovate. This also relates to the global context which is orientation in space and time because being an entrepreneur, you need to change your style or your way of thinking in order to attract consumers which could change over time. This helps me connect to what I’ve learned to understand the SOI more because I learnt that stating a business, you need the right attitude and skill which relates the SOI and relates to starting a business because starting a business require s the right skills and attitudes which also relates to the SOI as I mentioned before. An example of this is that when Steve Jobs failed at selling the MessagePad 2000 which way an earlier prototype of the iPad, he stuck with the idea of the MessagePad and introduced the iTouch and then the iPad.

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