Waste Not, Want Not

IMG_3928Today is our second design day, we did a challenge, which was to create a package for an apple, of course this is a draft and not professional and is just an activity but it is practice for our design project which is to create a package. We were judged on attractiveness, durability and accessibility.  I think that my group was successful in accessibility and convinience because we had a handle which would be easy to carry. But the handle was in the way of the apple’s accessibility . We had a simple design on the front of the cover, I think if we had more time, we would have decorated the sides of the package. Also I think we could have improved with durability because the handle is not reliable, it is only taped along the sides of the box. Also the whole box was taped so it shows that it is not durable to hold the apple. But ovIMG_3929erall I think that we were great with accessibility but could improve with attractiveness and durability.

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