Waste Not, Want Not (Google Sketchup)

This is our second task of design day, we went on the app Google Sketchup and created a package for an apple. The point of this task was to learn the basics of Google Sketchup and to improve our skills. I made a cube shaped box, I learned how to create a 2D TO 3D object. For example, I can make a rectangle into a rectangular prism. Also I learned how to put measurements so that the box can be very precise when printed because our main design project is to create a package. Another thing I learned about Sketchup is that I can make rectangles and remove them to create holes. I think this is a useful tool if you are creating a handle for the person to hold or to make it more portable. But what I would like to learn in the future is to create wording cause if I can put wording, I can show people where to open or add decorative features to the box.
Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.04.06 pm

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