YOTH Reflection

I did enjoy participating in the CNY concert because it was a really fun and exciting experiment. I thought that actually performing on stage was the best part out of the whole experiment because the whole of Gr.  7 is participating and it brings a certain togetherness energy on that stage. Although there were some parts we could improve like looking at the conductor and seeing when to stop playing the repeats because I had to remind the people beside me to look at the conductor. But either then that it was really good, the concert I think is the best is the last one ( we had three concerts to play ) because that was the most fluent and almost everyone stopped when they had to stop while doing the repeats. Also almost everything was running smoothly.

I did recognize personal growth, recently I’ve practiced more on the clarinet because I couldn’t reach the high notes quickly or if I reached it quickly, I couldn’t or the sound will be very bad. Plus I had to work on playing fluently and try to make tonging seem casual because right now, I seem to have a problem with that and I don’t feel comfortable. Ending I did reach my goal and I am proud of myself. Also when the performance dates were near, I practiced almost every day for about 30 minutes to an hour. So this really has been growth of personal engagement.

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  1. I agree Darren – all of the grade 7’s onstage did create a great energy. I’m pleased you’ve practiced more on the clarinet and that you developed your personal engagement more too.

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