What I’ve Learned In Music Class

In the past eight weeks in music class, I’ve learned how to compose blues music, learn how to play blues music and understand the notes that go well together with another chord called chords. Even though I had some prior knowledge by taking theory exams, I still learned more music understanding then before. I also learned that playing music not just mean playing one part, it also mean that you can add more parts and not play at the same time. I learnt it by listening to blues music, composing blues music and playing music. I enjoyed listening to blues music because it’s so relaxing and I love how they play it in a swinging tempo, it gives that old time feeling and it just feels relaxing. I enjoy playing the music the most, especially doing the solo because the spotlight is on me so it gives me that moment to shine. I did listen to blues music since the beginning because when I do my work, I normally listen to blues music to relax me and make me less stress out. I enjoyed playing in a band because it just gives a sense of togetherness and I get to feel how it feels like to play in a real band. The piece that my class played in the band was Wild Card and Blues Down Under, I liked both of them because the melody is so smooth and relaxing, and also the fact that different instruments played different notes at the same time and it sounds so good. I also like Wild Card because it also has different parts for different instruments. I didn’t talk about blues music to my friends or parents because my parents have no interest with music and me and my friends usually not talk about school work. The best part of music class is when we play Wild Card or Blues Down Under because I love playing and listening to blues at the same time.

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