The Arts

What is the methodology behind the lightsaber as a piece of Art?

The methodology of a lightsaber first originated off of the historical significance of a sword and its symbolism in the 1970’s film industry. This was later developed with the intention to fit the purpose of this weapon in the movie “star wars”. As the Jedis were the characters that wield this weapon, it was important that the lightsaber symbolised their idea of peace and self-defence rather than violence. As a result, this gave the lightsaber its characteristic of a “laser” sword, in order to fulfil the requirements and give the movie a more modern and technological approach.   

Does Deadmau5 gives you knowledge? Knowledge that goes beyond language.

Yes, the song Deadmau5 gives me knowledge in the form of emotion. This knowledge goes beyond language as this emotion and the feeling is indescribable. My response and reaction to this feeling also goes beyond words, this knowledge cannot be explained through language.