PE – Health and Wellness Goals

Fitness Always use the stairs in MTR stations (if you are a daily MTR commuter) Food Bring a healthy snack to school at least twice per week (see list below for ideas). Swap sugary drinks (soda, gatorade, etc.) for water as much as possible. Sleep Use an app to help track and improve sleep.

PE – Unit 1 Parkour Assessment

Recently, I did a PE parkour assessment here it is: In my parkour routine I had successful areas and less successful areas, here is my evaluation.  When starting my routine (although its not in the video), I started with two arms up in the air and began with a forward roll onto the blue mat, […]

PE – Reflection Journal

Throughout the whole entire year, we have kept a reflection journal to keep track of our learning. Here are all of my reflections: Monday, 9, June 2014 – Year Reflection Throughout this year I have learnt many different skills. I was able to figure out the basics of several types of sports. This including net […]