MUSIC – Aquallegro Progress

In class we have been practicing our ear training through the program “Aquallegro” here is my process throughout the pass month and a bit. My ear training is weak, and I haven’t really practiced it before so this program was important for me to get familiar with notes. Starting with the first session, my ear […]

MUSIC – Major/Minor Triads

Links: Presentation Info Sheet Worksheet Answer Sheet Response: Personally, I believe that our group did our presentation fairly well, but could’ve had some aspects of improvement. The positive aspects of our performance was how we implemented a lot of new and relevant knowledge in our presentation, mentioning things that people might’ve not known before. Additionally we […]

Music – Writing a Melody Activity

Here is my 8 bar melody that I wrote on finale notepad. You can read it here. After listening to it please answer these questions, Does it have a combination of conjunct and disjunct motion? Has it changed direction by step after a large interval (a jump of five different letter names)? Does the melody […]

Music – Responding

How has the content covered in class so far (theory and performance) helped your development as a musician? The content that we have covered in class so far such as the theory and performance has helped me develop and become a better musician. Theory was able to expand my knowledge on more convenient/proper ways to read […]

Music – YOTH Personal Reflection

Over the course of a few months, we started the YOTH performance for music, this involved performing a song called “Year of the Horse” by our teacher Ms Lovett. Even though the process was really different I enjoyed it because it was an experience so new from what I have done before. We had so […]

Music – Blues Unit

During these past few weeks I have learned so much about blues music and how it is played and created. Blues music has a type of scale that you should use notes from to create, we have used the F blues scale which is one of the scales that you can use, one way to […]