Math – Managing Markups

Recently I did an assessment called “Managing Markups” it was based around percent. 1. What were the two big “take aways” from Managing Markups assessment? In this assessment I learnt that you should always be clearly read instructions in when doing an assignment because although I did the areas right, I over explained which made […]

Math – Algebra Assessment

Recently we had an algebra assessment. This assessment consisted of concepts in algebra that were also in a pre-assessment we did earlier on in this unit. Looking at these assessments now I can see a large improvement. In the beginning of this unit, I was unable to look at like terms properly. An example is […]

Math – Polygon Area Patterns Assessment.

While doing this test, I learned that organisation is very important when it comes to looking for patterns as it is the only way you can see the changes in numbers when investigating. I also learned that reading instructions with detail is really important because I missed a part of the instructions which led to […]

Math – Swimming Problem Assessment

For this unit on problem solving, we did an assessment on a swimming scenario. For this assessment, I personally think my best area was looking for patterns in a table, for example for the first question, we were given a table with numbers to look for patterns, the pattern was increasing by 3 but it […]