Design – Design Day HFH Unit Start

Today we have started our second design unit based on Hong Kong Heritage. Our first assignment to start this unit was to create a movie imagining if CDNIS was about to be condemned. My group and I based it on the LLAC and how it is an important facility to our school community. Here is […]

Humanities – What is History Assessment

In this unit we learned about what is history and how to keep track of it, such as fact and opinions, chronology, reliability, bias and many more. For this assessment, I believe I did well because I understood most of the topics within this test. The best parts of my test was comparing the differences […]

Humanities – Mapping Unit Assessments

For this assessment on this unit, I think the things I did well were mostly everything that was required to do because I basically understood what the test was, it clear to me because I studied hard. But one thing I had done that was partly difficult was the latitude and longitude because the lines […]