DESIGN – Design Day iFolio Reflection

We have begun, our new design project focusing on graphic novels. In this design project, our goal is to create a graphic novel sequence from a scene in the book “Empire of the Sun”. The tool we will use to create this sequence is Adobe Illustrator, which we will learn and develop our knowledge of […]

MUSIC – Aquallegro Progress

In class we have been practicing our ear training through the program “Aquallegro” here is my process throughout the pass month and a bit. My ear training is weak, and I haven’t really practiced it before so this program was important for me to get familiar with notes. Starting with the first session, my ear […]

MUSIC – Major/Minor Triads

Links: Presentation Info Sheet Worksheet Answer Sheet Response: Personally, I believe that our group did our presentation fairly well, but could’ve had some aspects of improvement. The positive aspects of our performance was how we implemented a lot of new and relevant knowledge in our presentation, mentioning things that people might’ve not known before. Additionally we […]