Personality Traits

Personally I think I would need to be more brave and enthusiastic towards leaning and new things. Like when there is something I’m uneasy about, instead of saying I don’t want to do it, or try to ignore it, I should try to be more of a risk taker, which shows the trait of being […]

Character Analysis: Natalie

Natalie: Intelligent, Demanding and Troublesome             Everyone has his or her very own special personality. Natalie has many traits; she is a great mathematician and can solve the hardest problem within seconds. Though she is intelligent, her autism causes her problems, which differentiates her from the other girls. This paper will explore and analyze the three […]

Color Power Activity

In this activity, Nicole, Ellie, Eugenie, Bernice and I made a game to observe how people would abuse power and cause affects in their relationships and access to opportunities. I could see that many people abused their power, for example the people with red/blue would ask the people in yellow to do push ups and […]

Capture the Flag Power Activity

For this activity, we played capture the flag with several differnt rules. The reason for this was because the people running this group wanted to see how the use of power affected relationships and access to opportunities. It affected relationships because it caused some people to argue about certain situations, for example when one boy […] for Learning is a helpful website to create mind maps, when having an investigation you can be organized you don’t have to do it by hand. You can also keep adding to it when you come up with a new idea. It helps you go through the inquiry cycle when in a unit inquiry, by having different boxes […]

Mythical Creature

This is a mythical creature called the one eyed vacum. It would disguise as a bear, then become a monster that would suck up anything in the world, even though it has one eye, it can see anything that goes around. Its mouth is acts as a vacum. It can be a huge threat to […]