Crossing the River – Math Exercise

On the weekend, friends of mine went camping. They were camping on a small island in the middle of the lake. There were eight adults and two children in all. When they went to cross the lake and return home their boat was missing. They searched and searched but all they could find was an […]

Journey to the River Sea

Journey to the River Sea is about a girl named Maia who has to go to Brazil to live because the people that she is staying with is her only family. But as she was thinking that these people were nice and kind she finds out that it is only because of her money they […]

Public Enemy Number Two

Public Enemy Number Two is about a boy named Nick Simple who is framed for stealing something from a museum, he gets locked up in a juvenile center with Public Enemy Number One (Johnny Powers), and when Johnny Powers decides to break out of the prison because of an urgent letter , and he plans […]

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty is about 2 boys becoming a team “slaying dragons and fools and walking high above the world”. They become a team and where Freak (Kevin) is the brains, and Max is the legs, where together they are “Freak the Mighty. This book is a great book because its about 2 friends who […]

Because of Winn Dixie

Because of Winn Dixie is about India Opal who finds a dog and calls him Winn Dixie.They become close once they meet and because of Winn Dixie many good things happen India Opal but many other things too. My favorite character is India Opal cause she is very kind to even the people she does […]

How we Organize Ourselves Highlights

Our unit ended on Friday March 9 and it was called How we Organize Ourselves a unit about waste management all over the world and how it could be better. Through out this unit I learnt many things, not only about waste management but also how to write persuasive texts and perform in front of an […]

Tuck Everlasting

I finished a book called Tuck Everlasting, and it was about and everlasting spring discovered by a little girl, and the people who want to keep the secret must convince her not to spill it the secret to prevent people from drinking for a good reason. This book was good because there was a lot of […]

Photo of the Day

Spring Landscape Credits: National Geographic This picture was found on national geographic, it is a photo taken during spring and was taken in the Chicago Botanic Garden. I chose this photo cause it looked really nice with all the colors and it looked very nice to post on to my blog because I don’t get to […]

My Persuasive Writing

I just finished writing a persuasive writing task on how the CDNIS cafeteria is great cafetaria. The CDNIS cafeteria is a valuable part of our school Canadian International School of Hong Kong, is a great school  there is a swimming pool, 3 playgrounds, 2 gyms, but the most valuable part of our school is the […]