English – Final Thoughts

English in grade 7 was great. We had many different courses that I have never done in PYP. The highlights of this year in english were reading The Outsider sand The Other Side Of Truth. I enjoyed these because I thought these books were very interesting and portrayed the ups and downs in different types of […]

English – Short Stories

Recently, we were given an assignment to create a short story that taught a moral. After finishing, I had mixed feelings towards this assignment. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to get a creative mind going, and see what it was like to write a story with a moral as most of my […]

Design – Final Book Jacket

For these few weeks we have been working on this design unit and our task was to create a book jacket for the book we have been reading. Please fill out the survey with the most detailed response possible as it would be very useful for this stage in my design cycle. Here is the […]

Design – Book Jacket Mock Ups

Here are 2 of my mock ups for my design project. I need your help to decide which one I should choose, please be clear on which one you like better. Please use the I like…I wish…..and the what if method. Thank you (:   By the way, mock up 1 is suppose to be […]

Design – Design Day

  Today we had a design day to learn how to do a design cycle. If I could do this day all over again I would do a better job in managing my time because in the end I ended up rushing at the end of the day, so if I did a better job, […]

Design – Judge a Book by it’s Cover

Starting this design/english unit, I have some questions and feelings towards what we have to do. One thing I think this unit will be is difficult because I haven’t done this previously since I am in grade 7, I also think this because it I haven’t made a book jacket before and I don’t know […]