DES: Reflection on Heartbeats

Specific: To read over the rubric and carefully cross check it with my work to see if I missed anything throughout the whole process. This is because the reason for failure within the last unit was mostly because of the fact that I was missing minor details that out me one extra mark (between 7’s […]

DESIGN – Criterion C Final Reflection

Reflection of Process There were many changes that my product and plan had to undergo before I came to the final product. The main ones in the product was going from a flap to the balloon and testing different balloon sizes. Originally the valve was going to made of a cardboard flap that would be […]

DESIGN: U1 Design Day

Key Takeaway Video If I could do it all again: I would try to look for more creative designs around the internet in the research stage when doing prototypes. I feel as though my group overlooked that factor and ended up just improvising which ended in our prototype being very weak and not unique. If […]

DESIGN – Design Day iFolio Reflection

We have begun, our new design project focusing on graphic novels. In this design project, our goal is to create a graphic novel sequence from a scene in the book “Empire of the Sun”. The tool we will use to create this sequence is Adobe Illustrator, which we will learn and develop our knowledge of […]

DESIGN – Waste Not, Want Not III

We have now completed the creating stage in our design process and I have finished my final packaging. Here it is:                   I would really appreciate it if you took 5 minutes of your time to fill in this survey about my packaging, thank you! Loading…

Design – Final Design iBook

Recently we created a design iBook about the disease Cholera. If you would like to learn more about Cholera here is the interactive iBook below. Cholera Disease iBook If you are in grade 5 or 6 it would be great if you could fill in this survey about our iBook and give us some feedback. […]

Design – The Invitation

When I was younger, I didn’t have a specific series of science books I read, but the science books I personally enjoyed more were books with more visuals and colour as they were more attractive and engaging as opposed to books with only words. I also believe those kind of books were easier to understand […]

Design – Pill Boxes Documentary

Recently we have began our second design unit on Hong Kong Heritage. We joined in a group of three and had several roles. Videographer, Technical Director, and Editor. My role as the editor was to put the documentary together as one. We me the design specifications mostly well as we followed most of them, this […]

Design – Design Day HFH Unit Start

Today we have started our second design unit based on Hong Kong Heritage. Our first assignment to start this unit was to create a movie imagining if CDNIS was about to be condemned. My group and I based it on the LLAC and how it is an important facility to our school community. Here is […]

Design – Final Book Jacket

For these few weeks we have been working on this design unit and our task was to create a book jacket for the book we have been reading. Please fill out the survey with the most detailed response possible as it would be very useful for this stage in my design cycle. Here is the […]