Remembrance Day

Today at school we had a remembrance day assembly and it was for all the people that fought in the war and got injured or died . This day was supposed to be peaceful and emotional, for the people who had lost there loved ones and family, I am lucky to have a family and […]

Family Fun Fair

On Sunday I went to the family fun fair , it was really fun because I got to hang out with my friends and play games , this years fair was great and fun, this fair happens every year. During the family fun fair I played games did art and spent time with my friends, […]

The Better Blogging Battle (BBB)

This year I joined thebetter blogging battle, it is  helping you to get a better idea of blogging and to help you improve your skills in it. This competition is going to go all year round and will have challenges every week . I joined because I wanted to improve my blogging skills and get […]

My Prezi…The Project Phone

My communication technology is called the project phone , it is a phone with a projector . My phone has the conditions of a normal phone but also can project videos and calls . This phone is helpful because you do not need WiFi to see each other and you can access the internet . […]