Learner Profile #5 – Caring

Evidence #1: Cambodia Service


Evidence #2: First Aid CertificateIMG_2314

These pieces of evidence show my dedication to helping the local and global community in order to demonstrate the IB trait of caring. The first piece of evidence is a completed house that a few students and I completed during CAS Week. This house has the ability to last 10 years for a family that had a barely working roof over their head. This service created a positive act towards the lives of this family and will greatly benefit them especially in times of poor weather. By helping this family I am able to demonstrate compassion and empathy towards them. The second piece of evidence is a first aid certificate and licence I received after a 30-hour training course. This first aid certificate qualifies me to help those in need when there is a situation with a medical injury. This is a personal commitment to service and demonstrates my desire to help those around me when they are in trouble, showing my caring nature.