Learner Profile #3 – Risk Taker

Evidence #1: Hong Kong’s Award for Young People15493424_1240272492719090_2898691115388224032_o

Evidence #2: Junior Student Ambassador President

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Risk-Takers are able to step out of their comfort zones and participate in challenging roles that aren’t what they are used to. The first piece of evidence shows several other peers and me on the highest peak in Sai Kung, after climbing approximately 380 meters above ground. I am not a physically fit person and I often avoid physically demanding challenges, joining the AYP has pushed me in ways that I’ve never experienced before. Having to climb up 380 meters in steep elevation was difficult, unfamiliar and pushed me far from my comfort zone but eventually, it was rewarding. The second piece of evidence proves that I was the president of the Junior Student Ambassadors in Grade 7-8. While a while ago, I was shy and not used to leadership roles, especially among clubs. By exploring this new role and having the courage to volunteer and lead a major club was a challenging decision and demonstrates my willingness to take risks.