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MUSIC – Ternary Composition FINAL

Here is the final version of my ternary composition. The reason I titled my composition ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ was to represent a carefree mood. Sheet Music : Ternary Composition After receiving feedback from my peers, I took some into consideration and made alterations to my piece. One of the areas I altered was the link between the 4th and 5th […]

MUSIC – Jazz Solo Composition FINAL

Below is my final Stella By Starlight Solo Composition: Audio: Music Score: here The process of writing this jazz solo was much more difficult than the ternary composition in my opinion. While the ternary composition had many more steps and layers to it, I was much more familiar with that type of music compared to […]

MUSIC – 16 Bar Melody Summative Reflection

Here is my 16 bar melody: Click here for a PDF file February 22, 2015 -BEGINNING CHOICES Before even starting the melody, I had to make several decisions, these were the instruments, time signature and key signature. When deciding the instrument, immediately decided to go with the flute for the melody and the piano for the […]

Music – Writing a Melody Activity

Here is my 8 bar melody that I wrote on finale notepad. You can read it here. After listening to it please answer these questions, Does it have a combination of conjunct and disjunct motion? Has it changed direction by step after a large interval (a jump of five different letter names)? Does the melody […]

Music – Responding

How has the content covered in class so far (theory and performance) helped your development as a musician? The content that we have covered in class so far such as the theory and performance has helped me develop and become a better musician. Theory was able to expand my knowledge on more convenient/proper ways to read […]