MUS – End of School Year Reflection

Playing: In this playing test we had to perform 5 minor scales and a solo. When playing the scales, I had a consistent tempo and accurate notes. I felt as though I’ve improved from last time where although I had accurate note playing, my tempo was much slower and I couldn’t play at a faster […]

MUSIC – Ternary Composition FINAL

Here is the final version of my ternary composition. The reason I titled my composition ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ was to represent a carefree mood. Sheet Music : Ternary Composition After receiving feedback from my peers, I took some into consideration and made alterations to my piece. One of the areas I altered was the link between the 4th and 5th […]

MUSIC – Jazz Solo Composition FINAL

Below is my final Stella By Starlight Solo Composition: Audio: Music Score: here The process of writing this jazz solo was much more difficult than the ternary composition in my opinion. While the ternary composition had many more steps and layers to it, I was much more familiar with that type of music compared to […]

MUSIC – End Of Year Reflection

Playing  – I felt as though my playing test went well for several reasons. When playing the scales I had a slower steady tempo ensuring I could play all the notes correctly. I ensured that my tempo was consistent but also appropriate, I did this by not preparing it too slow but at a speed […]