DES: Reflection on Heartbeats

Specific: To read over the rubric and carefully cross check it with my work to see if I missed anything throughout the whole process. This is because the reason for failure within the last unit was mostly because of the fact that I was missing minor details that out me one extra mark (between 7’s […]

DESIGN – Criterion C Final Reflection

Reflection of Process There were many changes that my product and plan had to undergo before I came to the final product. The main ones in the product was going from a flap to the balloon and testing different balloon sizes. Originally the valve was going to made of a cardboard flap that would be […]

DESIGN: U1 Design Day

Key Takeaway Video If I could do it all again: I would try to look for more creative designs around the internet in the research stage when doing prototypes. I feel as though my group overlooked that factor and ended up just improvising which ended in our prototype being very weak and not unique. If […]

DESIGN – Design Day iFolio Reflection

We have begun, our new design project focusing on graphic novels. In this design project, our goal is to create a graphic novel sequence from a scene in the book “Empire of the Sun”. The tool we will use to create this sequence is Adobe Illustrator, which we will learn and develop our knowledge of […]

DESIGN – Waste Not, Want Not III

We have now completed the creating stage in our design process and I have finished my final packaging. Here it is:                   I would really appreciate it if you took 5 minutes of your time to fill in this survey about my packaging, thank you! Loading…

DESIGN – Waste Not, Want Not II

            Above is my new packaging for an apple that I did on SketchUp. Topic: How can our understanding of geometry help us reduce our carbon footprint? I think our new understanding of geometry can educated us on how to use less space when packaging certain materials. For packaging certain […]

DESIGN – Waste Not, Want Not

Today we began our math design project and one of the activities for this design day was creating a package for a fruit. My group and I chose to do a banana, here is the packaging below:                         As shown this packaging is like […]

Design – Final Design iBook

Recently we created a design iBook about the disease Cholera. If you would like to learn more about Cholera here is the interactive iBook below. Cholera Disease iBook If you are in grade 5 or 6 it would be great if you could fill in this survey about our iBook and give us some feedback. […]

Design – The Invitation

When I was younger, I didn’t have a specific series of science books I read, but the science books I personally enjoyed more were books with more visuals and colour as they were more attractive and engaging as opposed to books with only words. I also believe those kind of books were easier to understand […]