TOK: Map Like vs. Story Like

Knowledge in the arts is clearly story-like whereas knowledge in natural science is clearly map-like.

Evaluate this claim with reference to arguments, examples and counter-arguments.

Knowledge in natural science is clearly map like as the purpose of natural science is to discover and create theories about things related to the natural world. Although the information and the way it is portrayed isn’t identical and often simplified as maps are, they provide clear objective and reliable information that is an external representation of reality, though not reality itself. The diagram of the human body is simplified in drawings in order to make it easier to understand and to ensure the key parts are singled out, while this diagram may not exactly resemble the human body, its purpose is to portray facts. Natural science is also universal and eternal, people from different backgrounds and cultures have the same knowledge of natural science because it is the same everywhere. For example cells are the same in Asia as they are in North America, there is no location effects that alters them. It is also eternal because the way natural science is discovered and communicated will always be somewhat the same, while in other more expressive AOKs like art where modern art and classical art is different the portrayal overall science stays the same.

Knowledge in art is clearly story like as instead of portraying objective facts it focuses on human emotion and expression. There is less boundaries when it comes to art and rather than it’s desire to portray reality as it is, it is more a portrayal of individual interpretation of reality. For example Picasso’s blue period portrayed sadness in his own individual way, he changed the appearance of reality according to his own struggles. Although this is the case, art doesn’t always have to represent human emotion, it really depends on what one defines art as. For example when someone takes a photo of a sunset, that photograph is an almost exact representation of reality, and there isn’t really anyone’s individualism within the photo it is merely a picture of what was happening at that time.

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