TOK: Reason

Pure logic is only concerned with the structure of arguments. The validity of an argument is independent of the truth or falsity of its premises.

Simply post your thoughts, does it point to bigger questions in area of knowledge, how does it weaken areas of knowledge

While the premises of deductive reasoning seem simple, making it an easy way to find complete truth, the boundaries are actually extremely restricting. While many statements are completed in logical flow, valid statements can often be proven false, making the deductive reasoning no longer applicable. This can be observed in natural sciences, it would be dangerous to assume a statement fits the boundaries of deductive reasoning which are, the statement is truth, and the logic flows, as many theories are often changed. For example prior to this statement being debunked, many thought the atom was the smallest existing thing in the universe, but upon learning it was divisible, this statement was no longer true. So while a piece of deductive reasoning could be created through the statement “atoms are the smallest existing thing in the universe”, the argument could be valid but the statement false. Logic ≠ truth, another example is say when conducting an experiment, maybe the data collected had results that completely opposed a certain theory, while it was collected with valid results doesn’t mean it’s true.

This however doesn’t mean that valid arguments are completely useless without truthful statements. While the original statement may not be complete truth, this does not mean the logical argument that follows it is not helpful. The deductive reasoning “people should not do unethical things”, all processed meat is developed unethically, therefore people should not eat processed meat”, is not necessarily true because not all processed meat is developed unethically, but the argument still provides some value as it allows people to be cautious when eating processed meat. Despite the fact that the original statement does not apply to all processed meat making the deductive reasoning untrue, the validity of the statement still applies in some cases. This term also shows that even though the original statement is false, the argument can still be valid.

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