CAS: Service as Action

How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth? After having done yearbook in school for 4 years, I was able to discover and improve myself throughout this long term commitment. I found my strength in making designs and following the instructions and my weakness in leading. As I was […]

MUS: Composition Reflection

Inspiration: Northern Lights I used an image of the northern lights in iceland as an inspiration for my piece. The reason I chose this inspiration is because I wanted to choose a source that could produce a story. Northern lights only happen for a short time in a day, I realised  I could split their […]

DES: Interconnectedness Film Reflection

Migration – The Journey to Hong Kong on Vimeo. To what extent has the film raised the target audience’s knowledge and understanding of how the theme/event influenced the central characters? This film has raised the target audience’s knowledge and understanding of how forced migration has influenced the three main characters. The conflicts we discussed in […]

MUS: March Reflection

1.  Explain how you believe you are progressing on your instrument so far this year. Throughout the year, exercises in class, lessons outside of school, and general practising I have continued to improve my playing ability. The exercises in class have allowed me to be more familiarised with major & minor scales and practising with different exercises […]

DES: Reflection on Heartbeats

Specific: To read over the rubric and carefully cross check it with my work to see if I missed anything throughout the whole process. This is because the reason for failure within the last unit was mostly because of the fact that I was missing minor details that out me one extra mark (between 7’s […]