TOK: WOK Review

Which of the JTB criteria do you find most problematic? Belief is the most problematic in my opinion. Belief is extremely subjective, some people may believe certain concepts while others may not. If a claim has truth and justification, but people with certain values refuse to believe it, that doesn’t mean it’s not knowledge. Putting […]

TOK: Faith/Intuition

Present a simple outline of the basic ‘problems’ of faith and intuition as WOKs: Problems with faith: Blind faith can often hinder one’s perception of certain knowledge, affecting their beliefs and in turn dismissing them from new ideas. People who blindly believe in the Christian God often justify discriminatory behaviour such as supporting “what God […]

TOK: Memory and Imagination

Create a simple ‘cheat-sheet’ for both imagination and memory which captures: Despite the imperfections of imagination and memory as ways of knowing, the Areas of Knowledge have developed in such as way as to overcome them. Discuss this claim with reference to at least two AOKs. The areas of knowledge avoid the imperfections of memory […]

TOK: Language

“The vagueness and ambiguity of language always limits the production of knowledge”.   This statement about languages brings up several questions about language. These including: is language always vague and ambiguous? is the vagueness and ambiguity of language always limiting? can you avoid the vagueness and ambiguity of language? These questions allow us to think […]

TOK: Reason

Pure logic is only concerned with the structure of arguments. The validity of an argument is independent of the truth or falsity of its premises. Simply post your thoughts, does it point to bigger questions in area of knowledge, how does it weaken areas of knowledge While the premises of deductive reasoning seem simple, making it […]

TOK: Emotion

Choose one of the claims about emotion. (not one that you discussed in class) Outline arguments that supports the claim. Put forward a counter-argument with supporting examples) Decide what your view is (come to terms between the two competing claims) The statement “The sciences are all about using reason to understand the world, there is […]

TOK: Sense Perception

Even though there are problems with our perceptual systems, this doesn’t mean that knowledge gained from our senses is completely unreliable. Discuss this claim with reference to at least one Areas of Knowledge.   Our sense perception can be extremely faulty at times. We as human beings are unable to physically sense everything completely at […]

TOK: Intro to WOKs

Outline the role of 1 WOK in 1 AOK in the production of knowledge While it seems as though emotion holds a lot of value in ethics, as someone’s beliefs are heavily based on how someone feels towards certain topics, I believe reason serves as a core way of knowing for ethics. This is because without […]

TOK: Knowledge and Explaining

“If you cannot explain something, you do not know it.” In what ways might it be reasonable to suggest that people who disagree can both be right? There are certain areas of knowledge (AoK) where people who disagree can both be right. AoK like maths and science which are more academic based often have fixed answers. […]

CAS: Service as Action

How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth? After having done yearbook in school for 4 years, I was able to discover and improve myself throughout this long term commitment. I found my strength in making designs and following the instructions and my weakness in leading. As I was […]