What’s my trash attitude?

Well, to me, trash is basically everything you throw away that ends up in the landfill. Composting is composting, not trash, and like recycling is recycling! Not trash. Hong Kong is very bad with trash. It seems as if the government dosen’t even care about it! Yes, they do care, but they’re taking almost no action, like they’re saying they want an incinerator in HK 2 years before, and there are no incinerator plans or anything yet! There is a big problem with waste management, and it is uncontrollable. There’s too much! You probably would see a cigarette butt lying on the floor anywhere, because people are too lazy to throw them in the garbage can, or they’re full. Again, if they’re full, it means that there is too much trash in this world. It’s too bad that my family doesn’t recycle or compost, but we reuse stuff, like plastic bags, and cardboard boxes or toy wrappers etc. Even old toys! We give the old toys away to charity, or my mom’s friend’s kids’.  If I was the government, I would think of a greener future, like change all the transport into hybrid transport. For example, all cars, trucks and buses would need to be hybrid or electric to run on the road.  I would also build incinerators, and demolish the landfills, so the land can become a nature park or a wind-powered electricity power plant. Sadly, I can only control my own eco-friendly ways now, like not throwing away usable things, or useful things others like. Should we take action now? I don’t know, let yourself decide. 😛

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  1. Dear Dynamo 4, I think it’s great that you want to clean up your world with recycling and composting. If you lots of people to think like you you could change something little by little, with the right funds of course.

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