As someone who is balanced, I understand the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance for my personal wellbeing. I am intellectually balanced as I excel in a wide range of subjects, in sciences, languages, humanities, and the arts. I’ve achieved the highest level of 7 for all my courses and have therefore been awarded the Principal’s Award during all three of my years in the Middle Years Program, which demonstrates a broad intellectual understanding:


I am physically balanced as I train table tennis every week, do running on a regular basis and am conscious of my food and sleep choices. I understand the importance of exercise, a good diet, and enough sleep for my physical and mental health, as I reflect on my physical choices in my healthy habits posts:

Click on the image above to view my healthy habits posts

Click on the image above to view my healthy habits posts

Finally, I demonstrate emotional balance by being a member of our school’s senior music ensemble, Symphonic Winds. Participating in band is an excellent way for me to de-stress from academics and allows me to focus on something that I enjoy doing — playing clarinet — which is why I always look forward to our weekly rehearsals and performances:

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