As an inquirer, I enjoy learning and actively develop my natural curiosity through independent inquiry. I am passionate about learning French and have done a lot of independent reading, including notable titles like L’étranger, L’alchimiste, or the Hunger Games. These experiences have sustained my curiosity for the French language. As evidence of my progress, I have completed Duolingo’s French tree and continue to keep a deck of new words I encounter using Anki, showing my commitment and dedication to learning.

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I also applied for and won a scholarship to go to France for a two week immersion experience, allowing me to further inquire into French culture. I was able to hone my skills in an authentic French environment, well beyond the skills that French class had equipped me with. Below is evidence of my scholarship and a reflection I wrote on my experience.

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Finally, physics is another field that brings out the inquirer in me — I chose to do a drone building personal project so I could learn more about electrical circuits and their applications. We did a science unit on circuits but I wanted to learn more beyond class content, which is why I chose to embark on this independent inquiry project. Some of my research is documented below:

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